Facials & prices

Express facial

Pampering facial

Mesotherapy & Microdermabrasion

Wellmaxx express facial (15 min) (cleansing and peeling followed by a massage with a skin specified ampoule)
Wellmaxx hyaluron facial (20- 30 min) (cleansing and peeling followed by a massage with a hyaluronic cream)
Wellmaxx double filler (cleansing, peeling, toner, eye contour gel, collagen booster, lifting mask, rejuvenating serum)
Wellmaxx double filler + double phase ampoule
Rejuvenating luxury express facial 40+ Vagheggi 75-15 (40 min) (cleansing, peeling, toner, lifting mask applied with ultrasound, Magnesium essential drops, day cream and eye contour cream)
Sparkling facial with White Moon line (White Moon cleanser or foam, White Moon drops, White Moon skin specified mask, White Moon emulsion)
Problem solving express facial with Balance line (Balance cleanser or foam, enzymatic peeling, Iron drops, Balance mask, Balance cream)
Sensitive skin express facial with Emozini Plus line (Emozioni Plus cleansing cream, Essence mist, Aluminium drops, Emozioni Plus mask, Emozioni Plus cream)
Energizing express facial with Lime C vitamin line (Lime micellar cleanser, Rehydra bamboo peeling, Lime Zinc + orange mist, Lime mask, Lime fluid or cream)
“STOP WRINKLES” express facial with Delay Infinity line (Delay Infinity milk, Rehydra scrub, Delay Infinity toner, Manganese drops, Delay Infinity mask)
Anti-aging express facial with 75-15 luxury line (75-15 cleansing cream, 75-15 peeling, 75-15 toner, Manganese drops, 75-15 gel mask, 75-15 cream)
Deep hydration express facial with Rehydra line (Rehydra milk or foam, Rehydra scrub, Rehydra toner, Magnesium or Manganese drops, Rehydra mask, day cream)

Manual deep cleansing facial (cleansing, peeling, toner, steam, manual cleansing, vio, serum applied with ultrasound, mask, day cream) Add-on: + massage + décolletage mask

Sensitive/ rosacea skin facial with Vagheggi Emozioni Plus line (60 min) (cleansing, enzymatic peeling, essence mist, Emozioni ampoule applied with ultrasound, massage with cooling brush, antistress mask, soothing cream) Add-on: + décolletage mask

Anti-aging Vagheggi Delay Infinity facial 30+ (cleansing, peeling, toner, massage with ampoule, mask, lifting ampoule, day cream)

Luxury rejuvenating Vagheggi 75-15 facial 40 + (75 min) (cleansing, peeling, toner, special filler massage, gel mask applied with ultrasound, royal mask, intense eye couture treatment, lifting day cream) Add-on: + décolletage treatment

Microdermabrasion (cleansing, microdermabrasion- mechanical skin exfoliation treatment, serum applied with ultrasound, mask, day cream)
Mesotherapy (cleansing, hydroabrasio, no needle mesotherapy with medical serum, eye couture treatment, mask, day cream)
Ultimate rejuvenation (cleansing, microdermabrasion, no needle mesotherapy with medical serum, eye couture treatment, mask, day cream)

Facial pricelist


Wellmaxx treatments

  •  Wellmaxx express facial (15 min) (depending on the ampoule) 2.990/4.990 Ft
  • Wellmaxx hyaluron facial (20 / 30 min) 4.500/5.500 Ft
  • Wellmaxx double filler 9.900 Ft
  • Wellmaxx double filler + double phase ampoule 14.900 Ft


Vagheggi treatments

  • Sparkling facial – White Moon 4.900Ft 
  • Rehydra deep hydration facial 6.900 Ft 
  • Problem solving facial – Balance 5.900 Ft 
  • Sensitive skin facial – Emozioni Plus 6.900 Ft 
  • Energizing facial – Lime C-vitamin 6.900 Ft 
  • “STOP WRINKLES” facial- Delay Infinity 8.900 Ft 
  • Anti-aging express facial 40+ – Vagheggi 75-15 (40 perc) 11.900 Ft


Pampering treatments 

  • Manual deep cleansing facial 12.900 Ft + add on massage (20/30 perc) 2.490/2.990 Ft 
  • Manual deep cleansing for the back 9.800 Ft 

Vagheggi treatments: 

  • Sensitive/ rosacea skin facial- Emozioni Plus (60 perc) 12.900 Ft 
  • Whitening facial- White Moon (50 perc) 9.900 Ft 
  • Problem solving facial- Balance 10.900 Ft 
  • Anti-aging facial- Delay Infinity kezelés 30+ (60 perc) 13.900 Ft 
  • Luxury rejuvenating facial- 75-15/ 40+ (75 perc) 19.900 Ft 
  • Deep hydrating facial- Rehydra 10.900 Ft

Microdermabrasion & Mesotherapy 

  • Microdermabrasion 10.900 Ft 
  • Mesotherapy 12.900 Ft 
  • Ultimate rejuvenation (microdermabrasion + no needle mesotherapy) 17.900 Ft