Busy women’s favourite
beauty salon

At S.O.S. Pretty, we work to make you feel always as beautiful and pretty as possible. Not just on special occasions, but every single day. For this purpose, you need to visit your manicurist, pedicurist and beautician often. But how? Ain’t nobody got time for that… For that very reason we operate our beauty salon in such a way that we can make an appointment 1-2 days in advance or even on the same day.

Most of our services can be available WITHOUT PRIOR RESERVATION. We do believe this policy will really make your life easier.

Our professional team- including 3 beauticians and 5 manicure-pedicure technicians- are waiting for you from Monday to Saturday in the heart of the city.

We understand that sometimes your plans change and therefore requests please give us a notice on time. We are happy to reschedule or cancel your appointment. In case of cancellation we can accommodate others and reorganize or schedule.

We recommend making your appointment via phone +36 20 437 7700 oonline. This is the best and easiest way to find the perfect solution what fits to your needs.

During the summer, it might be possible that you need to make an appointment for your pedicure 1 week in advance.